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The Visionary Who Makes It Happen


With over 43 years of experience as a leader in international logistics for multiple industries, Geoff Abadee has worked for commercial airlines, run a charter cargo airline, customs broker and owned his own successful freight forwarding company.

In 1981, he started straight out of high school in his native Sydney, Australia, working for an American freight company while attending college at night. He worked as a licensed customs broker with military bases, on behalf of Hughes Aircraft and Raytheon, when setting up the Australian satellite and FA18 Fighter Jet communication systems. 


Later Geoff transitioned to the live entertainment industry, handling logistics for major concert tours across Australia and the South Pacific. This led to helping grow the Australian film industry by developing relationships between film commissions and U.S. studios. 


Geoff returned to his airline roots, as he was enticed to run a charter airline company in the U.S., which led to his founding Behind the Scenes Worldwide Logistics (BTS) and setting down roots as a U.S./Australian dual citizen, while growing his family in Los Angeles.  Over 100 films later, BTS allowed him to work in over 70 countries, on behalf of film, television, music, sporting, live event, ad, and auto production companies. After selling BTS to his employees 15 years later, Geoff expanded into real estate, financing, and logistics for multiple industries, including personal collections and government contracts.


Geoff has his our own production company - Global Production Services and works with a network of Independent Studios and other production companies. Geoffs  logistics arm - G Force Worldwide. Geoff has a long standing relationship and experience with having international freight agents, contracts with airlines, trucking, and packing/crating companies, and a drive to successfully take on any “mission impossible”, he is known for pulling off air, sea, land, and rail logistical miracles for almost any industry. From critically tight deadlines with production - pre and post, difficult filming locations, moving live animals, and hazardous material to oversized cargo, including military tanks, boats and aircraft.  When the Pandemic of Covid 19 hit the world, Geoff afforded the opportunity to work for  a government contractor sourcing ALL PPE products domestically and internationally and handing the logistics to several Military based and warehouses across the USA. As the Pandemic continued Geoff decided he want to concentrate on Inspecting PPEs in warehouses across the country. As Geoff had inspected various types of cargo from 1981 he felt he could provide a unique service to his clients with not just the understanding of PPE, but the extensive knowledge of documentation related to those transaction where his 43 years of cargo and customs logistics would be well suited to his clients and the future business. Geoff is a Certified Inspector, Bonded and with both companies being  TSA approved as known shippers. His extensive experience in Logistics, Customs and Bachelor of Business in Custom Law helps make him qualified to handle the challenges and demands met by the PPE Industry and the International Commodity business. Whether it is locating fuel or gold in international destinations or locating PPE on the ground in the USA, Geoff will make it happen 24/7.

As the Pandemic stabled,  the film, music and production industries began to ramp up again - Globally. Geoff and his team solidified a close working relationship with a number of USA  based Independent Studio companies for several films that Geoff and his Team are in the development prior to the Pandemic.


Geoff is a master of problem solving, experienced in worldwide locations for film and music productions and his 43 years of experience gives him many advantages in all of these fields. 

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