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Your Trusted  Production,   Logistics and Inspection Solutions

Gforce Worldwide and Global Production Services provides expert support in all facets of transportation, cargo inspections, production in the film, T.V. , Movie, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and special project industries from international to domestic. We as a company deal with the import and export cargo inspections, pre and post production of film, T.V., special projects  and all the facets that are required for making these specialized industries highly successful  - forensic documentation reviews, chain of custody documentation, assisting in raising budgets for PPE and Movie productions, searching for tax credits, selection of music for post production and the services required to ensure these projects are successful by offering service related products such as- On- site physical inspections and proof of life, filming locations, air-freight, ocean-freight, full logistics trucking, air charters, ship charters, onsite crating, onsite supervision, oversize cargo, and customs clearance. We create an efficient plan to be on time at our appointments and on budget, while managing the unexpected 24/7 -- demands that are required in these industries. No two projects  are alike but they all receive our 100% hands-on support.

Supporting Key Industries

Gforce and Global Production Services provides door-to-door global logistics for Special Projects, Film,music and Commercial Industries. We offer support for the personal protection equipment (PPE) industry, production and music companies, public and private companies, small and large, in multiple industries including  hospitals, medical, film, music, medical, aviation, defense, engineering, and marine, in addition to other government departments. As long as there is a need for special attention - our services are available 24/7


With over 41 years of experience in handling specialized industries, including critical timing, cost-reduction, and problem-solving, we are experts in efficiency while reaching all our clients' goals.


Here, There & Everywhere

Gforce and Global Production Services is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with a 24-hour network of agents and on-the-ground support

across the USA and globally. Our strength is not only in our knowledge but with our powerful network that has been built over decades of experience.

The Visionary Who Makes It Happen

With over 40 years of experience as a leader in international logistics for multiple industries, Geoff Abadee has worked for commercial airlines, run a charter cargo airline, inspected all types of cargo in the 4 corners of the globe and owned his own successful freight forwarding company.


Additional Services in Automotive & Real Estate Industries

As a global connector Gforce has additional expertise related to two specific industries. From the transportation, collection and refurbishing of cars while working with manufacturers and collectors alike, to the development and management of commercial and residential real estate, Gforce has a proven track record of success -- plus a personal passion.


A Logistics And Inspection Company
You Can Trust

Provides Expert Logistics and Inspection Support 

Works In All Facets Of Transportation

Logistics and Inspection Services for International and Domestic Projects

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